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Dog-friendly Weekend Trip Recommendation, "Diggeulreul" in Daeseong-ri Station, Gapyeong

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Summarized by durumis AI

  • Located across from Daeseong-ri Station in Gapyeong, the dog-friendly cafe "Diggeulreul" is a great place to travel with your dog, featuring convenient transportation, spacious areas, and clean facilities.
  • Especially, the front yard and large dog playground are enough for both pet owners and their dogs to enjoy a fun time, and friendly staff add a positive atmosphere.
  • "Diggeulreul" is a place that meets all the key elements of a dog-friendly establishment: transportation, facilities, and friendliness, and is a space loved by many pet owners as of May 2024.

"Diggeulreul" night view

Places to go with your dog... Well, what kind of places are they?

I would like to list transportation, facilities, and kindness as key elements that such places should have, which is a personal answer I got after visiting pet-friendly stores all over the country.

A place with the three key elements of 'transportation, facilities, and kindness' that pet-friendly stores should have... I met such a place after a long time.

It is... 'Digreure', a pet-friendly cafe with 'transportation, facilities, and kindness' located across from Daeseong-ri Station in Gapyeong, a good place to travel with your dog.

Parking is available at the outlet parking lot

"Diggeulreul" is located across from Daeseong-ri Station

When I visited Digreure, I used the outlet store parking lot.

It is also a good drive course in the outskirts of Seoul, and the fact that you can use the outlet store parking lot is a big advantage when traveling with your dog.

I want to give the highest score to Digreure's facilities as well as convenient transportation. Let's see the photos together to find out why.

"Diggeulreul" entrance scenery

Anyone visiting Digreure for the first time will be curious about the path that stretches from the entrance to the inside.

A path that seems to welcome visitors... I imagine what the inside looks like while walking to the building where the cafe is located.

Space used by both ordinary people and pet owners

The front yard of the cafe building is a space that can be used by both ordinary people and pet owners. Digreure's thoughtful consideration for not only pet owners but also ordinary people is felt.

"Diggeulreul" counter

When you enter the entrance where the counter is located, you can see the cafe logo, and breads are placed in front of it. In addition, you can feel the kindness of Digreure's CEO and employees who greet you.

Space connecting from the counter to the cafe interior

This is the space where you order at the counter and go inside the cafe. There are chairs outside, and a doggy sports car is also placed.

If you open the door and go inside... the following scenery unfolds before your eyes.

"Diggeulreul" indoor scenery

The clean and bright scenery of Digreure is impressive. You can see the view of the outdoor playground through the window.

(From the top) Dog water fountain, dog chair, photo zone

You can see a dog water fountain, dog chairs, and a photo zone.


View of the front and back space of the building seen from the rooftop

If you go up to the rooftop where artificial turf is laid, you can see the wide space in front and behind the building, and you can also see Daeseong-ri Station across the street.

Cafe scenery seen from the stairs coming down from the rooftop

One of Digreure's characteristics is that it uses a wide space in front and behind, placing the building in the center. The front is a space used by ordinary people and pet owners, and the back is used as a pet playground.

Delicious coffee and food tasted at "Diggeulreul"

You can enjoy coffee, tea, and a variety of food at Digreure, and you can order using a QR code.

Dogs who came to "Diggeulreul"

It seems that Digreure has captured the hearts of pet owners and their dogs. You can see cute dogs running around and playing in the cafe.

Dog water fountain at the entrance of the playground

Natural grass dog playground

Trash cans placed everywhere

Outdoor tent where you can feel the camping atmosphere

The place where dogs love the most is the outdoor pet playground. Although it was cold, I could see dogs running happily in the playground, and I could also see pet owners watching them.

There is also a tent that gives you a camping atmosphere at the edge of the playground.

"Diggeulreul", a dog-friendly cafe with transportation, facilities, and friendliness

Convenient transportation and parking facilities, clean indoor scenery, a wide space in front and behind centered on the building, and the kindness of Digreure officials that add vitality to all of this!

A store that not only pet owners and dogs but also ordinary people can use... Digreure was one of the few chameleon stores that had 'transportation, facilities, and kindness' among the pet-friendly stores I have visited.

I hope Digreure will become a favorite hangout spot for pet owners, and I end this article about Digreure.

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